“Art is a soul infused creative expression depicting the truths of what we
                     think, feel, experience and dream.”
                                         Nancy Azara



As a child I loved playing with color and engaging in art.  And then, one day, I was crushed by some unkind words that took the joy out of my love for art.  Thirty some years later, through a powerful dream, I was inspired to explore the art of silk painting.  The moment the paint laden brush touched the silk, and began to dance and freely flow like northern lights in the sky, I was filled with joy and fell in love with art again.  Many of my pieces are inspired by nature, and are expressions of what I am thinking, feeling or dreaming about in my life.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork shown below, or booking silk painting classes, please contact me.

I hope my art brings joy your way.

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