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About Me

Over the years I have felt

inspired to take training

in a variety of areas pertaining

to health and wellness.


It was only when I experienced some life challenges that included job loss, grief, stress and a couple of health issues, that I began to understand how all of the modalities I had trained in could be interlinked to create a path towards wellness.  In my process towards gaining clarity of direction, I drew upon meditation, energy work, imagery, and expressive arts processes to reconnect with my own inner wisdom to help bring my body, mind and spirit back to a state of balance.


Now I am passionate about freely flowing

from one modality to another,

as I assist people in connecting with

their inner wisdom that

leads them towards physical,

mental, emotional

and spiritual wellness.

Marg Janick-Grayston

Owner of Free Flow Wellness

Free Flow Wellness

The Art of Well-being
Free Flow Wellness Logo

Holistic  Approaches For Calming Stress, Connecting  With   Inner Wisdom, & Enhancing Wellness

free stress, flow towards inner wisdom, enhance wellness
Free  Stress,
Flow  Towards Inner Wisdom,
Enhance Wellness...

My Philosophy

My prevailing passion is to accompany individuals on a path towards well being,

& facilitate reflective processes in small groups where vital and transforming events take place.


I offer a free-flowing, holistic approach tailored to the unique needs of individuals,

and small groups, by drawing from a variety of modalities that people indicate interest in including:

breath awareness, guided imagery, expressive art therapy processes, energy work and/or spiritual mentorship.

These practices assist people in releasing stress & pain, connecting with their true character & inner wisdom that sparks healthy and integral living, & freeing their natural flow of vital energy.

"I am an artist at living, my  work of art is my life."
D.T. Suzuki


Retreat Facilitator

Recreational Therapist

Courage & Renewal® Facilitator

Certified Expressive Arts Therapy Consultant

Reiki & Quantum-Touch® Practitioner

Forest/Nature Therapy Guide

Spiritual Mentor


“Marg has a natural gift for healing.  She immediately puts one at ease in a safe setting to provide a gentle, compassionate, intuitive session that leaves one refreshed and rejuvenated.”                                                


Emily Cherneski

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