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"When we express ourselves from our soul,
we feel a free flowing river of insight moving within us..."
Rumi inspired...

Expressive Arts Therapy

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Creative processes that flow freely from meditation to music, movement, art, journaling, reflection, and sharing help connect us with our inner wisdom, our bodies healing nature, and our ability to live with integrity and well being in the world. Creative explorations of this type only require an openness to whatever emerges, along with the art of curiosity and reflection as one explores how

each modality speaks to their life, rather than any artistic ability.

These services are offered to individuals or small groups at my studio in Gorlitz, Saskatchewan as well as various Retreat Centre locations.  Check my Retreat page for detailed information or contact me to bring retreats to your area.

All services are donation based with a suggested range so all may access the services they feel drawn towards.
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